Finney – World’s First Smartphone Supporting Blockchain Tech Is Soon Be Available For Purchase In Bangladesh

Finney is the world’s first smartphone to support blockchain and it is soon going to be available in the market. Bangladesh is going to be the first country to sell them.

Technology is always changing, but did you ever imagine a smartphone that supports blockchain? Well, now you can, as the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reportedly approved to import such smartphone that will be live on sale in the country by October 2019. Bangladesh believes that with most of the developing nations accepting crypto and blockchain technologies, the new markets will become extensive.

Finney has been developed by Switzerland based Sirin Lab’s smartphone and manufactured by electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group.

Featuring a built-in cold storage wallet, secured encrypted communications and a decentralized application system, Finney has become the worlds most secure and expensive smartphone. The smartphone will be available in Bangladesh with a high price tag of $999.

The price is comparatively high; Samsung S10 the most recent phone is less expensive than this Blockchain Smartphone. However, this is the cost of all the security features that you might not get in any other smartphone.

Moshe Hogeg, co-founder and co-CEO at Sirin Labs’ supported Finney and said that the phone would change how you use the blockchain technology. Earlier, you needed a computer, wallet software and at last need to visit the bank to get your money exchanged, but now you can do all this with just a phone and that is Finney.

This new smartphone does seem to be a good use of people who invested in cryptocurrency. Apart from that, for a particular group of people, the phone is a little too advanced. Bangladesh government believes, this might change soon, as blockchain technology is soon going to become extensive.

HSBC Reported First Blockchain Based LC Transaction Denominated By Yuan Using Voltron Platform

HSBC on September 3, accomplished the first RMB denominated Blockchain letter of credit (LC) transaction using the Voltron platform. The transaction was denominated in Yuan currency of China using the trading platform of Voltron.

Why Voltron platform?

Voltron is developed by R3’s Corda technology with the involvement of eight major financial banks across the globe. The platform is still in the primary phase of development and is expected to launch at the end of this year or in early 2020.

Voltron is designed to moderate transaction costs and the overall processing time using Blockchain technology. It thus provides faster transactions and low-cost operations than the current paper-based process.

The Transaction particulars

The LC transaction was done in favor of Hong Kong-based audiovisual MTC Electronic (raw material exporter) to Shenzhen MTC, the Mainland-based parent company. Letters of credit are widely used to carry out international financial transactions. Banks issue a formal guarantee for the payment from the buyer’s side to the seller after receiving the shipments.

The transaction process was accomplished within 24 hours, including the transfer of shipment documents with Voltron’s letter of credit platform. This process conventionally takes 5 to 10 days including paper-based work of letters of credit.

HSBC towards more digital automation

According to the data released by SWIFT, China is the largest issuer of letters of credit in the world.

The data in the single year of 2018 reveals that 1.2 million LCs worth 750 USD were being transacted throughout the year in China.

“Shorter turnaround times mean improved working capital and better control of cash flow,” says Ajay Sharma, Regional Head, HSBC.

Ajay Sharma also said, “ the more use of Blockchains will reduce complexities in transactions and will eliminate the bad repute of letter of credits. With the use of Voltron, we are moving towards building a more acceptable commercial platform.”

HSBC has been credited for accomplishing the world’s first cross-border Renminbi- denominated blockchain-powered letter of credit (LC) transaction. This is one of the steps of HSBC to stay ahead in integrating the latest technology with its operations. The move is observed as a milestone in HSBC’s policy to automate the paper work-based system into digital ledger technology.

Bitcoin & Ripple Goes Down; Make Huge Cuts Overnight

  • Bitcoin falls to $9600 whereas Ripple took over 5% dip in a day.

Bitcoin and Ripple both have faced enormous setbacks over the last 24 hours. BTC price has been down by more than 5% and reached well below $10,000. Similarly, the degree of loss for XRP coin stands at 5.77% in the last 24 hours. Each coin has shown four major price shifts in this period.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple Price Analysis

Bitcoin got its first hike of the day between 05:21 UTC and 13:11 UTC and this hike of 2.13% added $214 to each coin. But the second swing was the one changed the course. Between 17:17 UTC and 18:20 UTC, BTC lost 6.42%. It made the coin to be placed at $9602.85. From there, Bitcoin experienced the strengthening, and with 1.49% growth, it reached $9743.45 over the next five hours. Even this marginal growth could not be sustained for long. BTC price fell to $9544 with the help of a 2.03% dip.


Similarly, XRP also has seen a considerable cut in the price. The first decline happened between 01:00 UTC and 04:57 UTC and this cost $0.0041 to Ripple. After the next few hours of consistency, XRP took a huge plunge of 7.64% between 16:03 UTC and 18:15 UTC and this plunge pushed the Ripple price to $0.2463. It was followed by a hike of 4.72% and by 22:56 UTC, the coin was being traded at $0.2579. The latest swing for the coin happened towards the closing, and it took the XRP price to $0.2510.

Both the coins have taken the hit of the market-wide slowdown. However, the medium-term is said to be bullish for the coin. Let us look at the next probable resistance and support levels for both coins,


R1: $10116.97, R2: $10479.52 and R3: $10679.68

S1: $9554.26, S2: $9354.10 and S3: $8991.55


R1: $0.2675, R2: $0.2775 and R3: $0.2848

S1: $0.2501, R2: $0.2428 and S3: $0.2328

Japanese Giant Recruit Holdings Invests in Blockstack’s Cryptocurrency

The Japanese human resource firm, Recruit Holdings, valued at $50 billion, has invested in Blockstack’s STACK tokens. This move will pave the way for Blockstack to tap into the Japanese market. Earlier this year, the HR firm had declared their investment plan of a $25 million blockchain fund in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

The public benefit corporation (PBC), Blockstack, received this funding shortly after acquiring its first investment from Asian investors. As a part of the investment deal made on Aug. 22 STACK tokens were purchased by Recruit Holdings.

Recruit Holdings has been very active in the U.S. and the blockchain markets. Two of the firm’s largest U.S. acquisitions include Indeed and Glassdoor which were acquired for $1 billion and   $1.2 billion respectively. Indeed was acquired in 2012 while Glassdoor in 2018.

Earlier in 2019, Recruit Holdings also declared the launch of a $25 million blockchain fund to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Blockstack’s CEO and co-founder Muneeb Ali commented on US-based startups typically partnering with businesses in Japan while discussing the advantages of crypto ventures in the Asian country. He stated: “Japan is a very interesting market for crypto because it has clarity around regulations. It is legal to own and trade crypto assets, but only those whitelisted by the regulators.”

Ali has also remarked on Asia being one of the central crypto players and Blockstack’s desire to expand its roots further into the market. He said: “Asia is an important market for Blockstack, as Asian countries have arguably the most significant penetration for both crypto users and developers. […] The Asian strategic round led by Hashkey and SNZ marks a new chapter, and we’re excited to expand our developer outreach and grow the Blockstack community and usage in Asia.”

In July, Blockstack PBC led the first token offering approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), making a $28M digital token offering following Regulation A+.

Blockstack began a partnership with the Lambda Faculty as well. Lambda Faculty is to conduct classes whilst Blockstack will provide tutorials and products on how one can code using their apps.

The CEO of Blockstack said in an interview:

“We plan to reach Japanese developers through Recruit’s help and introduce our developer libraries and technology to them. We already have a Japanese version of our whitepaper that accompanied the announcement in Japan.”

Amazon, Microsoft, May Be Putting the World at Risk of “Killer Robots,” Warns Report Amazon. Microsoft Could Be Piloting the “Third Revolution in Warfare,” Says the Latest Report Report: Amazon, Microsoft To Immediately Cease Development of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

A global race to develop entirely autonomous weapon-systems, powered by AI, is on the brink of turning into a full-blown arms race: as predicted by a recent report from a Dutch peace group.

Tech-giants, namely Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel, among others, are most likely to be spearheading a worldwide AI arms race, affirms a recent report by PAX, a Dutch anti-war NGO. The report is based on a study that surveyed the most influential companies in today’s technology sector in order to identify their stances on lethal autonomous weapons.

The final report of this study has ranked as many as 50 organizations primarily based on three criteria: whether they have been developing any sort of technology that could be relevant to killer robots, whether they have been involved with military or related projects, and, also, if they have resolved to abstain from developing such technologies in the future. The report, after reviewing the activities of these 50 technologies companies, suggests that the activities of 21 among them should be treated with “higher concern” considering their products’ implications towards the development of lethal autonomous weapons. Notably, among these are Amazon and Microsoft who are both reportedly bidding for a $10 billion Pentagon contract that would provide cloud infrastructure to the US military.

PAX’s investigation on autonomous weapons strongly argues that certain innovations in commercial AI, especially in the fields of facial recognition, ground robotics, and system integration, may have deep implications for the defense sector. Frank Slijper, the lead author of the aforesaid report, states, “Why are companies like Microsoft and Amazon not denying that they’re currently developing these highly controversial weapons, which could decide to kill people without direct human involvement?”

Lethal autonomous weapons, or “killer robots,” as they are described by PAX, have sparked a number of ethical debates in recent years. To delve deeper, these weapons are designed to autonomously select and engage targets with zero human intervention, or even control. On their own, these machines are even “unlikely to comply with the laws of warfare,” according to PAX.

AI-experts believe, their advent could certainly be called the “third revolution in warfare”—a successor to the invention of gunpowder and the creation of nuclear bombs. Any act of development of such technologies could even jeopardize matters of international security, critics warn.

“Lethal autonomous weapons raise abundant legal, security, as well as ethical concerns,” the PAX report says. As it further goes clarifying ways in which it could be immensely unethical to delegate the decision “over life and death” to a machine merely guided by a bunch of algorithms. PAX also foresees an “accountability vacuum” pertaining to improper or illegal acts.

Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Looks Like Bears Are Tightly Holding On to The Price Of Verge.

ALT: Bears Are In No Mood To Relent For Verge.

MD: Verge is still in the bear mode of the last week and the price has been hovering in a similar range as last week.

  • Verge (XVG) is showing a flattish price rise in the range of $ 0.55 – $ 0.62 over the past week.

Verge (XVG) has been a coin with potential known for its privacy features. The coin was known for its stability but this time around, the bears seem to have got the better of it. From July 25, the price of Verge has been better positioned though bulls are still prevalent as can be observed from the weekly chart where the price has been fluctuating in the range of $ 0.55 – $ 0.62.

Latest Statistics

As on July 29, 2019 at 5:08:00 UTC, current statistics is as below:

  • Current market price of XVG is $ 0.0060
  • Current rank is 71
  • Current market cap is around $ 91,182,578
  • 24 h volume is at $ 726,230
  • ROI is at a massive > 9000 % and Circulating supply is a healthy 15,849,036,489 XVG

Price Comparison

Verge has been in the bearish zone for most of last week as can be seen from the weekly chart. From a high of $ 0.0062 on July 22, the price fell to $ 0.0056 on July 23 within a matter of 1d 3h 30m to the extent of 10.94%. Within 10h 25m on the same day, the price rose to $ 0.0059 to the extent of 6%. With the bulls taking centerstage, the price again fell down to $ 0.0055 on July 24 within 20h 45m. to the tune of 7.16%. The price of XVG had a good rally on July 25 when it rose to $ 0.0061 in 8h 15m, rally being to the extent of 10.83%. However, this rally was short lived as within 18h 55m on the same day, the price fell to $ 0.0057 to the extent of 6.56%. The price did pick up on July 26 in a matter of 11h 50m to the extent of 4.52% at $ 0.0060. The price today is at $ 0.0060 which shows a flattish range. The trend indicates that the bears are still holding the crypto market reins and not letting the price of Verge move to the upper range.

Verge’s Price Prediction:

The bears are still in control with respect to the price of Verge. Looks like Verge will have to wait for some more time till the price gets to recover to its original position as the bears are continuously pushing its price down. Analysts feel the effect of the market volatility is having its impact on almost all altcoins including Verge and feel that until the market shows some stability in terms of price consolidation, this trend is expected to run for the short-term. They. however, feel that Verge should be able to pick itself up during the medium term and have kept a target price of $ 0.01 for the year end.


Long term investment looks the best option for Verge in the current crypto market situation. Short-term investors should apply caution due to the continual price volatility shown by XVG.

DOGE shrinks back in the bearish zone

DOGE is trending on the moon, and well, that’s what all the followers are talking about on social media. In fact, many people might be switching to DOGE soon enough as the best of the altcoins.

But let’s see, if it is worth the discussion or not.

DOGE is currently seen trading at $0.002834 at 05:44 UTC as on 23rd July 2019.

DOGE price is past 5 days has been through a rough ride. The lowest was seen on 18th July at 14:00 UTC, with $0.002707 as the trading price which was increased by 18.84% on 19th July at 01:00 UTC time with trading seen at $0.003219. The value after few hours dropped by 11.07% at 12:55 UTC, with the coin trading around $0.002840.

The next day, on 20th July at 16:35 UTC, the value escalated again by 12.99% with $0.003690 valuation. But yesterday at 19:35 UTC, the value dropped back below the baseline by 12.34% trade seen at $0.002814. And for now, the value is still fluctuating in the red zone.

DOGE is slightly drawing in the bearish zone which means it might be the best time for the new and potential traders to jump in the network. DOGE might surprise us soon with good escalations and returns for the investors.

For resistance support level, investors might want to consider the mentioned bracket:

R3: 0.00321

R2: 0.003155

R1: 0.003076

S1: 0.002942

S2: 0.002887

S3: 0.002808

TRON trending above the baseline on 19th July 2019

After releasing the incentive plan and new partnership with Huobi Global last week, it is expected of TRON to full the motion in the upward direction. Because it might be a good time after a settling trade in the bearish zone as traders are expecting to earn some fruits too!

Price Analysis of TRON on 19th July 2019

The value of TRON is currently trading at $0.0255 at 07:58 UTC time on 19th July 2019. The other essential factors contributing in the chart is mentioned below:

  • Market Ranking: @11
  • Return of Investment: 1140.04%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 99,281,283,754 TRX/ 66,682,072,191 TRX
  • 24 Hour Volume: 580,084,040 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 1,696,143,049 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.029718 USD / 0.020435 USD


Considering the data from past one week, the highest was initially seen on 14th July at 06:45 UTC time trading at $0.029098. The value dropped by -17.71% on 15th July at 00:30 UTC time trading at $0.02394. The value on 17th July at 11:45 UTC time dropped by -14.97% with the trading valuation of $0.02036.

The value increased by 27.26% on 18th July at 16:40 UTC time with the trading valuation of $0.02591. The value now is trading above the baseline.

Prediction and Conclusion

TRON may shift in the strong bearish zone right now. The value seems to have plunged under the standard that invites more investors to ‘buy’ TRX in the framework. Regardless, we are looking for after TRX to move back up again for the users to entertain a couple of profits finally.

The calculated resistance support as follows, might help the traders with a safer zone trading.

  • R3: 0.030822
  • R2: 0.028464
  • R1: 0.027135
  • Pivot Point: 0.024777
  • S1: 0.023448
  • S2: 0.02109
  • S3: 0.019761

TRON by end of 2019, might fluctuate to $0.05, however, it is expected to move higher only if the start trading in the escalation mode.