Finney – World’s First Smartphone Supporting Blockchain Tech Is Soon Be Available For Purchase In Bangladesh

Finney is the world’s first smartphone to support blockchain and it is soon going to be available in the market. Bangladesh is going to be the first country to sell them. Technology is always changing, but did you ever imagine a smartphone that supports blockchain? Well, now you can, as the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission […]

Amazon, Microsoft, May Be Putting the World at Risk of “Killer Robots,” Warns Report Amazon. Microsoft Could Be Piloting the “Third Revolution in Warfare,” Says the Latest Report Report: Amazon, Microsoft To Immediately Cease Development of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

A global race to develop entirely autonomous weapon-systems, powered by AI, is on the brink of turning into a full-blown arms race: as predicted by a recent report from a Dutch peace group. Tech-giants, namely Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel, among others, are most likely to be spearheading a worldwide AI arms race, affirms a recent […]