DOGE shrinks back in the bearish zone

DOGE is trending on the moon, and well, that’s what all the followers are talking about on social media. In fact, many people might be switching to DOGE soon enough as the best of the altcoins.

But let’s see, if it is worth the discussion or not.

DOGE is currently seen trading at $0.002834 at 05:44 UTC as on 23rd July 2019.

DOGE price is past 5 days has been through a rough ride. The lowest was seen on 18th July at 14:00 UTC, with $0.002707 as the trading price which was increased by 18.84% on 19th July at 01:00 UTC time with trading seen at $0.003219. The value after few hours dropped by 11.07% at 12:55 UTC, with the coin trading around $0.002840.

The next day, on 20th July at 16:35 UTC, the value escalated again by 12.99% with $0.003690 valuation. But yesterday at 19:35 UTC, the value dropped back below the baseline by 12.34% trade seen at $0.002814. And for now, the value is still fluctuating in the red zone.

DOGE is slightly drawing in the bearish zone which means it might be the best time for the new and potential traders to jump in the network. DOGE might surprise us soon with good escalations and returns for the investors.

For resistance support level, investors might want to consider the mentioned bracket:

R3: 0.00321

R2: 0.003155

R1: 0.003076

S1: 0.002942

S2: 0.002887

S3: 0.002808

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