Ethereum Price Analysis: Will ETH Bulls Cross $180 in the Near-term?

Ethereum (ETH) News

Ethereum (ETH) has always been a bankable coin in the crypto market. The past day has seen that the currency reflected great momentum. The coin was seen moving in the range between $143 – $170 on April 06, indicating the intention of ETH to go in for a bullish momentum as early as possible.

ETH/USD Forecast

Ethereum (ETH) Price NewsEthereum had a good run over the last week even it traded under continual bear pressure. Yesterday, the coin started on a low note below the baseline at $143.88 at 1:42 UTC. In the next 11 hours, the ETH coin marked a steady upward trend when the price reached a high of $158.16, the rise being at 9.95%. After that, there was a short hiccup observed at $155.68 at 14:50 UTC, but from this price point, it continued to face the bears with great gusto and reached a high of $167.28 at 19:08 UTC. Then again, the currency faced a minor fall, and the price of Ethereum reached $163.21 at 20:14 UTC. Later, the currency initiated strong recovery and breached $170.08 by 4.83% hike.

After breaching $170 mark, Ethereum continued to trade around the same level, and at the time of writing this analysis, it touched $170.55. Analysts expect ETH coin to continue to gear itself for bullish momentum. Investors can continue to hold on to their investments as the crypto market is expected to stabilize in the coming weeks. Day traders can still make quick gains even under the current crypto market volatile conditions.

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