Finney – World’s First Smartphone Supporting Blockchain Tech Is Soon Be Available For Purchase In Bangladesh

Finney is the world’s first smartphone to support blockchain and it is soon going to be available in the market. Bangladesh is going to be the first country to sell them.

Technology is always changing, but did you ever imagine a smartphone that supports blockchain? Well, now you can, as the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reportedly approved to import such smartphone that will be live on sale in the country by October 2019. Bangladesh believes that with most of the developing nations accepting crypto and blockchain technologies, the new markets will become extensive.

Finney has been developed by Switzerland based Sirin Lab’s smartphone and manufactured by electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group.

Featuring a built-in cold storage wallet, secured encrypted communications and a decentralized application system, Finney has become the worlds most secure and expensive smartphone. The smartphone will be available in Bangladesh with a high price tag of $999.

The price is comparatively high; Samsung S10 the most recent phone is less expensive than this Blockchain Smartphone. However, this is the cost of all the security features that you might not get in any other smartphone.

Moshe Hogeg, co-founder and co-CEO at Sirin Labs’ supported Finney and said that the phone would change how you use the blockchain technology. Earlier, you needed a computer, wallet software and at last need to visit the bank to get your money exchanged, but now you can do all this with just a phone and that is Finney.

This new smartphone does seem to be a good use of people who invested in cryptocurrency. Apart from that, for a particular group of people, the phone is a little too advanced. Bangladesh government believes, this might change soon, as blockchain technology is soon going to become extensive.

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